TTPI working papers

Harrison, A, Hyman, B, Martin, L, Nataraj, S, October 2019, When do firms go green? Comparing command and control regulations with price incentives in India paper no. 10/2019.

Biddle, N, Marasinghe, D, October 2019, Risky data: The combined effect of framing, trust and risk preferences on the intended participation in the Consumer Data Right paper no. 9/2019.

Majeed, O, Sinning, M, September 2019, Do payroll tax cuts for Australian firms affect their use of capital and labor? paper no. 8/2019.

Ingles, D, June 2019, Improving cash flow corporate taxation (CFCT) and the Z-tax (ZT) approach paper no. 7/2019.

Ingles, D, May 2019, Taxing capital income and the Z-tax solution paper no. 6/2019.

Tran, C, Zakariyya, N, March 2019, Tax progressivity in Australia: Facts, measurements and estimates paper no. 5/2019.

Hoy, C, Toth, R, March 2019, Aligning preferences for redistribution of right and left wing voters by correcting their beliefs about inequality: Evidence from a randomized survey experiment in Australia paper no. 4/2019.

Mughan, S, March 2019, When do municipal consolidations reduce government expenditures? Evidence on the role of local involvement paper no. 3/2019.

Breunig, R, Freestone, O, February 2019, Risk aversion among Australian households paper no. 2/2019.

Chakraborty, L, Gandhi, P, January 2019, Impact of intergovernmental fiscal transfers on gender equality in India: an empirical analysis paper no. 1/2019.

Killaly, J, October 2018, The Chevron Australian Holdings Case and the reach of the arm's length principle paper no. 17/2018.

Labanca, C, Pozzoli, D, August 2018, Coordination of hours within the firm paper no. 16/2018.

Breunig, R, Carter, A, July 2018, Do earned income tax credits for older workers prolong labor market participation and boost earned income? Evidence from Australia's mature age worker tax offset paper no. 15/2018.

Hamilton, S, June 2018, Optimal deductibility: Theory, and evidence form a bunching decomposition paper no. 14/2018.

Gillitzer, C, Sinning, M, June 2018, Nudging businesses to pay their taxes: Does timing matter? paper no. 13/2018.

Tran, C, Jung, J, June 2018, Optimal progressive income taxation in a Bewley-Grossman framework paper no. 12/2018.

Murphy, C, June 2018, Optimal fiscal equalisation and its application to Australia: updated paper no. 11/2018.

Deutscher, N, June 2018, Place, jobs, peers and the teenage years: exposure effects and intergenerational mobility paper no. 10/2018.

Murphy, C, May 2018, Australia's high company tax rate and dividend imputation: a poor recipe for a small open economy? paper no. 9/2018.

Regan, S, Stanton, D, May 2018, Social Policy Inquiries in Australia: The Henderson Poverty Inquiry in Context paper no. 8/2018.


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