TTPI working papers

Rose, T, Breunig, R, July 2022, Paying back Australia's COVID-19 debt paper no. 10/2022.

Sainsbury, T, Breunig, R, Watson, T, July 2022, COVID-19 private pension withdrawals and unemployment tenures paper no. 9/2022.

Craig, A, Slemrod, J, June 2022, Tax knowledge and tax manipulation: A unifying model paper no. 8/2022.

Edwards, R, Falcon, W, Hadiwidjaja, G, Higgins, M, Naylor, R, Sumarto, S, May 2022, Fight fire with finance: a randomized field experiment to curtail land-clearing fire in Indonesia paper no. 7/2022.

Abelson, P, April 2022, Cost-benefit analysis: Then and now paper no. 6/2022.

Hathorne, C, Breunig, R, April 2022, Occupational mobility in the ALife data: how reliable are occupational patterns from administrative Australian tax records? paper no. 5/2022.

Murphy, C, April 2022, Fiscal policy in the COVID-19 era paper no. 4/2022.

Kayis-Kumar, A, Rose, T, Breunig, R, March 2022, Design considerations for an Allowance for Corporate Equity (ACE) for Australia paper no. 3/2022.

Tilley, P, March 2022, State and Territory tax reform paper no. 2/2022.

Pincus, J, February 2022, Superannuation tax concessions are overestimated*(revised) paper no. 1/2022.

Pincus, J, December 2021, Superannuation tax concessions are overestimated (see revised paper 1/2022) paper no. 20/2021.

Wang, T, Stewart, M, December 2021, The law and policy of VAT tourist tax refund schemes: A comparative analysis paper no. 19/2021.

Tran, A, Xu, W, November 2021, A study of cross-border profit shifting channels paper no. 18/2021.

Tilley, P, October 2021, Australia's future tax system paper no. 17/2021.

Abelson, P, September 2021, Intergenerational well-being: Baby boomers, generation X, and millennials in Australia paper no. 16/2021.

Majeed, O, Breunig, R, August 2021, Determinants of innovation novelty: Evidence from Australian administrative data paper no. 15/2021.

Tilley, P, July 2021, 2000: A new tax system paper no. 14/2021.

Abhayaratna, T, Carter, A, Johnson, S, July 2021, The ATO Longitudinal Information Files (ALife): Individuals - A new dataset for public policy research paper no. 13/2021.

Tran, A, Xu, W, July 2021, A study of profit shifting using the Hines and Rice approach paper no. 12/2021.

Rutherford, L, June 2021, The political economy of taxation paper no. 11/2021.


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