Policy Briefs


Parkes, M, March 2022, A role for taxation in reducing Australia’s sugar consumption, paper no: 1 /2022


Taylor, J, February 2021, The proposed changes to “Corporate Residence” for Australian income tax law, paper no: Policy Brief 1 /2021


Hathorne, C, Breunig, R, December 2020, Digital Service Taxation: An introduction and policy options for Australia, paper no: Policy Brief 7/2020

Eslake, S, September 2020, Reforming Tasmania’s state tax system: some options, paper no: Policy Brief 6/2020

Wong, T, Breunig, R, Stewart, M, September 2020, How can we compare tax systems?, paper no: Policy Brief 5/2020

Quiggin, J, Klein, E, Dunlop, T, Henderson, T, Goodall, J, September 2020, Liveable income guarantee, paper no: Policy Brief 4/2020

Sandoval-Guzman, M, Stewart, M, May 2020, Tax, land use and nature restoration, paper no: Policy Brief 3/ 2020

Sandoval-Guzman, M, Stewart, M, May 2020, Tax and energy, paper no: Policy Brief 2/ 2020

Sandoval-Guzman, M, Stewart, M, May 2020, Tax and pollution, paper no: Policy Brief 1/ 2020


Wong, T, Stewart, M, April 2019, Assessing the quality of government justifications for company tax forecasts and deviations in Australian budgets from 2013-14 to 2017-18 paper no: Policy brief 1/ 2019


Wong, T, Stewart, M, September 2018, Budget transparency: The Open Budget Survey 2017 paper no: Policy brief 2/ 2018

Stewart, M, August 2018, Personal income tax cuts and the new Child Care Subsidy: Do they address high effective marginal tax rates on women’s work? paper no: Policy brief 1/ 2018


Whiteford, P, July 2017, Social security and welfare spending in Australia: Assessing long-term trends paper no: 1/ 2017


Millane, E, December 2016, 2016 budget superannuation reforms paper no: 6/ 2016

Whiteford, P, November 2016, Should we be worried about “Zero net taxpayers”? paper no: 5/ 2016

Varela, P, March 2016, What is tax salience? paper no: 4/ 2016

Varela, P, February 2016, What are progressive and regressive taxes? paper no: 3/ 2016

Varela, P, Stewart, M, January 2016, The goods and services tax (GST) paper no: 2/ 2016

Ingles, D, Plunkett, D, January 2016, Effective marginal tax rates paper no: 1/ 2016


R.Q Grafton, Moore, A, Stewart, M, Whiteford, P, February 2015, A stocktake of the tax system and directions for reform: Five years after the Henry Review paper no: 1/ 2015

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