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Housing affordability after the pandemic boom, Asia and the Pacific Policy Society (APPS) by Kristen Sobeck and Robert Breunig - 17 December 2021

Jim Chalmers says the two highest-taxing governments of the past 30 years have been Coalition governments. Is that correct? ABC News, RMIT ABC Fact Check, Robert Breunig comments - 13 December 2021

Inheritances surge as Australians pass on billions, ABC The Money with Richard Aedy, and Guest; Robert Breunig - 9 December 2021

Personal tax take second highest in OECD, Financial Review, by John Kehoe, Robert Breunig comments - 7 December 2021

Taxes that reward asset-owners and punish wage-earners leading society into crisis, say experts, ABC News, by Daniel Ziffer (Kristen Sobeck comments) - 2 November 2021

A prayer, not a plan, for net zero, Financial Review, by Steven Hamilton (TTPI Visiting Fellow) - 24 October 2021

Perrottet has a chance to profoundly reshape NSW’s economy, Financial Review, by Steven Hamilton (TTPI Visiting Fellow) - 22 October 2021

Why there are calls for Australia to bring back the ‘death duty’ tax, 3AW radio, Drive with Tom Elliott, interview with Robert Breunig - 14 October 2021

A wider emissions safeguard can end the Liberals’ climate nightmare, Financial Review, by Steven Hamilton (TTPI Visiting Fellow) - 10 October 2021

Australia to be completely cashless in a decade, experts predict, according to survey, news.com.au by Melissa Iaria (Robert Breunig comments) - 4 October 2021

OECD’s warning on workers’ rising tax burden, Financial Review, by Andrew Tillett (Robert Breunig comments) - 15 September 2021

UK tax increase offers platform to governments to consider COVID-19 debts, accountantsdaily, by John Buckley (Miranda Stewart comments) - 9 September 2021

Big Data - The Economists, ABC Radio National, guests David Gruen, Robert Breunig - 26 August 2021

Death duties would level up generational tax-wealth inequalities, Financial Review, by Robert Breunig - 27 June 2021

Australia’s handling of the pandemic ranked more accountable than most, but not perfect, The Conversation, by Miranda Stewart and Teck Chi Wong - 21 June 2021

Top economists call for budget measures to speed the switch to electric cars, The Conversation, by Peter Martin (John Hewson comments) - 21 June 2021

Government favouring spin over substance/Hewson’s View, The Canberra Times, by John Hewson - 10 June 2021

Facebook’s $20 million tax bill is minuscule. But it might soon change, The NEWDAILY, by Matthew Elmas (Miranda Stewart comments) - 25 May 2021

Lotteries, discounts and free beers: How to boost the vaccine rollout, Financial Review, by Ronald Mizen, (Ralf Steinhauser comments) 24 May 2021

A new, $600m gas-fired power plant? Smells like a byelection, The Canberra Times, by Emma Aisbett, and Ralf Steinhauser - 22 May 2021

Steps government must take to give women more freedom, brisbane times, by Jessica Irvine, (Miranda Stewart comments) - 20 May 2021

This was an election budget on steroids, The Canberra Times, by John Hewson - 13 May 2021

Decade of deficits a ‘big risk’, Financial Review, by John Kehoe (John Hewson comments) - 13 May 2021

Holding the budget to account, APPS Policy Forum, by Miranda Stewart - 13 May 2021

Democracy Sausage: The federal budget with John Hewson and Miranda Stewart, APPS Policy Forum, John Hewson, Miranda Stewart and Mark Kenny - 13 May 2021

‘Labor government should have the guts’ to crack down on tax-shirking digital giants: Labor MP, The Sydney Morning Herald, by Jennifer Duke (Robert Breunig comments) - 28 April 2021

‘Increase the rate, broaden the base’: Looking at GST 20 years on, AccountantsDaily, by John Buckley (Miranda Stewart comments) - 27 April 2021

Tax experts call on Commonwealth to back NSW stamp duty reform, Financial Review, by Elouise Fowler, (Miranda Stewart, John Hewson and Steven Hamilton comment) - 26 April 2021

Budget courage needed to sustain recovery, The Sydney Morning Herald, by John Hewson - 22 April 2021

Podcast: Assuming new roles: Gender, the pay gap, and violence against women, APPS Policy Forum, Robert Breunig, Rae Cooper, Sharon Bessell - 16 April 2021

Morrison fixed on tax cuts as US and Britain embrace big government, The Saturday Paper, by Mike Seccombe, (Miranda Stewart comments, subscribers only) - 10 April 2021

Barnaby Joyce’s latest antics do nothing to move Australia forward, The Sydney Morning Herald, by John Hewson - 8 April 2021

Fixing childcare would be a start on PM’s women problem, brisbane times, by Jessica Irvine (Miranda Stewart comments) - 7 April 2021

Study says women’s wages could be tied to increased domestic violence, 2GB radio interview with Luke Grant and Robert Breunig - 31 March 2021

A shocking statistic fact that will change the way you think about the gender pay gap, The Conversation, by Robert Breunig and Yinjunjie Zhang - 31 March 2021

Liberal MP wants tax on owner-occupied homes sold above $2m, Financial Review, by John Kehoe and Matthew Cranston (Robert Breunig comments) - 23 March 2021

John Hewson: Like Howard, Morrison plays politics at the expense of good government, The NEWDAILY, by John Hewson - 14 March 2021

With meagre JobSeeker increase, Morrison government continues to show no shame, The Canberra Times, by John Hewson - 24 February 2021

Meagre dole increase plays into tired old culture wars, The Sydney Morning Herald, by Steven Hamilton (TTPI Research Affiliate) - 24 February 2021

An opt-in increase would be a great first step towards real super reform, The Canberra Times, by Simon Cowan (Robert Breunig and Kristen Sobeck comment) - 16 January 2021

Is wage growth completely off the table? ABC Rn Breakfast, with Fran Kelly, radio interview with Robert Breunig - 7 January 2021

Proof super rises hurt workers’ pay packets, Financial Review, by John Kehoe (Robert Breunig comments) - 6 January 2021

The ACTU’s remarkable chutzpah over superannuation, Financial Review, by Aaron Patrick (Robert Breunig and Kristen Sobeck comment) - 6 January 2021

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