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Public Seminar May 2017

26 April 2017
Indonesia only collects around 12 per cent of GDP in tax revenue and around 40 million people are estimated to be failing to meet their tax obligations.
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20 April 2017
It has been previously noted that there are inherent challenges in measuring the effectiveness of Legislative Budget Offices (LBO).
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Austaxpolicy blog

3 April 2017
The Australian Government is reviewing its climate policies during 2017 to ensure that they, “remain effective in achieving Australia’s 2030 target and...
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27 March 2017
In 1651 the philosopher Thomas Hobbes warned that a nation’s sovereign needs a reliable stream of taxation revenue.
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15 March 2017
Introducing a GP Copayment in Australia: Who would carry the cost burden? by Rosemary Elkins and Stefanie Schurer.
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Public Lecture - Complexity in governments and markets

15 March 2017
Professor Vito Tanzi will present and discuss the challenge of complexity in governments and markets in tax, spending and regulation.
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Public Seminar - The cost of raising an additional dollar of revenue

15 March 2017
Sebastian Wende, 'We quantify and compare the welfare loss from increasing government revenue.
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6 March 2017
Unexpected bills can be a challenge for any household.
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TTPI Seminar Series - The likely distributional impacts of Parental Leave Pay reform

22 February 2017
This seminar will present recent Australian data on PCP workplace entitlements from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia.
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Public Seminar: On tax policy, how will the world get Trumped?

22 February 2017
US tax reform is not easy, requiring both the President and Congress to agree on a package.


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